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Perfection Surfboards has been in business since 1980. Kelly has shaped boards for some of the best surfers on the East Coast. It would be hard to argue that more Perfection Surfboards have won more East Coast titles than any other brand.  Kelly handshapes anything between grom boards to longboards. Kelly, Regis Jupinko and Mike Collins have set up a new factory, and between the three of them they have over 100 years experience. Contact us at the Village Surf Shoppe for any of your surfboard needs.

Mcnugget Grom Board. 17.5” by 2” low entry rocker and added tail kick makes this a contest winning machine. No one has built more grom boards on the east coast than KR.
Mcfish. Great all around board 21” by 2.5” thick fuller template and a single wing makes this board go well in anything between knee high to double overhead. If you can only have one board this is the one.Big Mac. 21.5” by 2.75” a small wave groveler that you can rip on. A must have in a quiver just for fun.
Retro Fish 4’-10” to 6”-10”Summer Fish 5’-8” to 7’-0”
Buffer Squash 5’-8” to 6’-6”
Village Surf Shoppe, 500 Atlantic Ave. Garden City Beach, SC 29576 843-651-6396
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